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Losing Weight With A Friend

There are so many reasons why losing weight with a friend is more effective than doing it alone. Once you make a plan with a friend to go to the gym or head out together for a walk or run, you’re committed to that person and more likely to follow through. It’s too easy to push exercise to another day when the only person you’re going to disappoint is yourself. Plus, working out with a friend is generally more fun so you’re more likely to continue doing it.

You’re also more likely to keep eating healthy when you’re not the only one. Weight-loss partners stay on track when they have a partner to encourage them. There’s nothing like a good friend who understands you and is going through the same thing to cheer you on!

Losing Weight as a Couple

For many of us, that best friend is our significant other. Dieting as a couple is a tricky situation. It can go great or go south fairly quickly. If you and your partner are careful and empathetic of the other’s feelings, losing weight together can be great for your relationship. It can bring you closer as you build healthier habits together. Supporting each other, being honest and having fun are key.

A few things to remember:

Don’t compare how much weight you’ve lost. Men will usually lose weight more quickly and this can be hard on a woman. Instead, if you see something that’s working for him, try it yourself.

Remember you’re on the same time. Competition is a useful motivator in many situations, but not in this case. Your relationship is more important than beating your loved one at weight loss. Encourage your partner and work together.

Resist judgement. Your partner might choose to cheat or splurge on something different than you. While he might enjoy one beer at an event, you might rather have a little more pasta at dinner. Nagging will only lead to hurt feelings and resentment.

Have fun! Put on some music while you cook healthy meals together. Go out for a couples bike ride or hike and enjoy the outdoors. Use this goal to open up more opportunities to spend valuable time together.

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