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Struggling to lose weight?

Lose weight the healthy way with the help of Nutritional Behavioral Care LLC.

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Pouring Honey

Not your average weight loss program.

Most weight loss programs are prepackaged diets that do not meet your long term goals or resolve your individual health needs. With over 25 years of experience, Nutritional & Behavioral Care offers nutritional counseling programs that are customized to meet your individual health needs. We specialize in health issues, like diabetes and heart disease.


  • Nutritional Health Assessments for All Ages

  • Body Composition and Metabolism Tests

  • Individualized Nutrient Levels and Meal Plans 

  • One-on-One Behavior Modification Counseling

Bodies need food, and lots of it.

It's healthy and normal for you to eat frequently. With our program, you will learn that deprivation is not the answer to controlling your weight. Instead you get a sensible and realistic eating plan designed specifically for you. 


Discover a program you can live with and enjoy, with real food from the supermarket complemented by safe, high quality vitamins, supplements, and meal replacements. It is also customized to meet your individual health goals, whether you want to manage your weight or need help with a specific health issue. 


  • High Cholesterol

  • Diabetes Hypertension

  • GI Problems

  • Cardiac Care

  • Hypoglycemia

  • Menopause

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