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Hi! I'm Rosalie.


Rosalie Schiappacasse-Janette grew up in a home where there was no processed food – her mother didn't allow it. Rosalie learned early to love natural foods and appreciate their effects on health and beauty. She was born near Pittsburgh PA, but her family relocated to San Francisco when she was eight. In California, her love of fresh fruits, vegetables and low fat dairy products grew.


Later she received her BS in Psychology, and earned her MS in Counseling Psychology and Nutrition from the University of California and her MSW from Fordham University. She learned quickly that all weight management starts from the brain. Her early work in the healthcare field was at Everett Gladman Psychiatric Hospital and Oakland General Hospital where she developed knowledge of a wide variety of healthcare issues, and how they are helped by food.


She went on to hold healthcare positions at Lovejoy Hospital in Portland Oregon, Affiliated Homecare in Scarsdale, NY and, before starting her private practice, was Director of Health and Personnel Counseling for Norell Inc. in Atlanta GA.


In 1982, she started her private practice in Ridgefield CT. Since then, she has counseled over 10,000 clients and achieved a high level of experience and success in helping her clients to use their own mental capacity to live a healthier, happier life. 


"I wanted to write you a note to thank you for the great counseling  that you and Pat provided me while in your care.  When I came to you in late February of this year,  it was after having a conversation with my new primary care doctor after reviewing test results that indicated my type II diabetes markers were getting significantly worse.  In addition to adding two medications to my regimen, he recommended that I lose weight to attempt to bring my numbers down if not completely in line.  As I told you in June, (forty pounds lighter), my subsequent test results were all within the recommended guidelines for each specific item.  Needless to say, my doctor was astounded!

With your expertise and nurturing guidance, you established a program for me that worked.  From a nutritional standpoint, your knowledge of the proper foods, quantities and combinations gave me a recipe for success.  However, your ability to convey the correct behavioral aspects required to guarantee ongoing success is where you shine.  Looking back over the past 7 months, the weight loss was the easy part.  Follow the recipe and the weight will come off.  Continued success is contingent on the ability to understand and manage the behavioral component.  The best thing that I have taken away from your program is the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle by balancing the proper foods, activities and emotions of everyday life.  I would recommend your program and expertise to anyone who needs to modify their behavior.  It will significantly improve their quality of life.  Thank you and Pat once again.  I wish you both the best!"

- B.S.  9/24/19

"After trying to lose weight on my own and trying different diets and programs, I found Rosalie. Her way of teaching me healthy eating and exercising did not only make me finally lose the weight but also changed my lifestyle and the way I feel about myself. With Rosalie's continued support, I feel confident in maintaining this!"

"Rosalie and I met in 1987. She helped me with baby weight and to slim down for family events. I'd tried other diet plans and I would give up. With her deep understanding of nutrition, Rosalie's magical menus of food combinations helped me get past those set points to reach my goal.


After menopause, I managed to gain 40 pounds. After seeing pictures of myself in 2013, I was done with the weight. I knew the only person who could help me was Rosalie and I lost 35 pounds in 7 months.*


I can't express how much this has changed my life. I feel more agile, health problems have disappeared and I feel about 20 years younger-physically, mentally and spiritually. Thank you Rosalie for changing my life."

- Michelle G., Ridgefield, CT

"Rosalie helped me with my high cholesterol issue. She taught me which foods were feasible for me to eat and which were off limits. In addition she really helped me kick my long standing sugar and bakery habit!  Rosalie provided a combination of menus, recipes, and education to restore my health to the point where my internist was happy and so was I."

- A.J.

"Rosalie has taught me about food again. After a baby, and stress, she helped me re-learn how to make good food choices. I have lost weight and kept it off. Thank you Rosalie. The personalized care, not a group, made all the difference."


*Results may vary based on each patient’s physical health, diet and exercise, and adherence to the our program. The weight loss results described in testimonials or photos are not typical for every individual.

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