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Do dietary supplements confuse you?

Get safe supplements customized to your individual health needs from Nutritional & Behavioral Care LLC.

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Herbal Medicine

Don't trust commercial supplements.

You deserve dietary supplements that are safe and effective. You shouldn't have to rely on commercial supplements, most of which are neither safe nor effective.  Because of this, we offer high quality vitamins, supplements, and meal replacements.


Why purchase a generic supplement when you can get one customized to meet your individual health needs?  Because our supplements are free of fillers, dyes, and other harmful ingredients, they are safe and effective with no unwanted side effects.

Focus on more than the

number on the scale.

If you want to lose weight, you need a realistic nutritional program based on real food without deprivation that you can live with for the rest of your life. With over 25 years experience, we offer a program that is customized by health management professionals to meet your individual needs.


You will get more than a natural approach to nutritious eating with realistic programs that use real food. Our program includes high-quality vitamins, supplements, and meal replacements to complement and enhance your natural diet, as well as, counseling to change long-held habits, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors.

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