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Healthy Living Tips

Exercise Tip

Finding time to exercise can be difficult for many. Even at work, many people are sedentary. In order to include some exercise in your schedule, you may need to develop a more efficient exercise program. First, think to yourself  that exercise is a necessity for reaching your weight goals and maintaining them. Then create reasonable expectations for yourself. Maybe you want to jog 5 times a week, but 2 or 3 days is more practical for your busy schedule. An achievable goal will help make you feel successful and motivate you to stick to it.

You may also want to take exercise classes. However, this may not be the most efficient workout for a busy schedule, since most classes are an hour long (not including the commute). Instead, try quicker forms of exercise such as jogging, walking, running, or cycling. You can schedule classes on your days off. Other ways to it exercise into your schedule includes home workouts. You can rent exercise videotapes, life hand weights, or ride an exercise bike. Try to include exercise as on of your daily objectives. Setting exercise as a priority and giving it a time slot will help you stick to your program.

Weight Loss Tip

Feelings of deprivation that may lead to cravings may arise from boredom with food. If you get bored with your food, chances are you may not stick with your diet. Here are some ways to relieve yourself of boredom. Learn how to prepare food so you can appreciate it more. You can make it fun by taking a cooking class, or having a friend share recipes and ideas over lunch. Try to be adventurous and try new foods regularly.  You may find ones you really enjoy that you can try various recipes with. You can also use low-fat kitchenware that make cooking easier and fun. Such equipment includes nonstick pots and pas, a rice cooker or a vegetable steamer. Learn new ways to have fun with your diet, so you can enjoy the healthy eating habits that will lead to your weight loss success!

Behavioral Tip

Keeping a positive self-image is important to weight loss progress. So be polite to yourself! If you would not like hearing someone tell how big you are; why should you treat yourself that way? Try to recognize times when you put yourself down. Stop yourself from thinking negative thoughts about your body. Try to think to yourself things you would like friends, family or other support people to say. For example, you can say to yourself, "This is not quite what I want my body to look like, but I'm taking steps to get there!" Also, try not to be self-conscious and assume others are thinking negative thoughts about you.

Sometimes we judge ourselves more harshly than others do.


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