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Cleanse & Detox

Is Your Junk Drawer Full Again?

We unclutter our closets, our desks, our drawers…, but what about our own bodies? Isn’t that more important? From Halloween treats, to Thanksgiving pies, to Christmas and Hanukah desserts, we’ve had many opportunities to indulge. Now is a great time to cleanse the body and mind. Start the year right. If you’ve been researching online, you’ve seen there are a lot of detox choices. Choosing the right course may seem complicated or overwhelming if you’re trying to figure it out on your own. So, don’t do it on your own! Rosalie Schiappacasse, MS, MSW, at Nutritional & Behavioral Care can design a 14-day program to fit your specific needs. Here’s the problem: Our bodies detox continuously as a natural function. It’s only when our detox mechanisms become overloaded that the process becomes less efficient and symptoms occur. Pollution or pesticides in our food source put undue stress on our detox organs, the kidneys and liver. Improper digestion and imbalanced gut ecology provide internal forms of toxins in the way of metabolic by-products stemming from certain bacteria which have toxic side-effects and, therefore, impact negatively on our overall health by compromising detox pathways.

Our program is an excellent tool for improving your detoxification.  After the holidays is the perfect time to cleanse.

Nutritional Behavioral Care's Detox Program gives you:

  • More energy

  • Anti-aging

  • More motivation

  • Allergy relief

  • Better focus

  • Weight loss

  • Heightened productivity

  • Less brain fog

  • Clear skin and eyes

  • Enhanced creativity

If you’re interested in a Diet Center detox program specialized just for you, visit Rosalie Schiappacasse, MS, MSW, at Nutritional & Behavioral Care. We offer health assessments, nutritional and behavioral counseling, as well as psychotherapy.

Call us at 203-529-0594 or stop in at 158 Danbury Road, Ridgefield, CT.


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