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Rosalie Schiappacasse-Janette grew up in a home where there was no processed food – her mother didn't allow it. Rosalie learned early to love natural foods and appreciate their effects on health and beauty. She was born near Pittsburgh PA, but her family relocated to San Francisco when she was eight. In California, her love of fresh fruits, vegetables and low fat dairy products grew.

Later she received her BS in Psychology, and earned her MS in Counseling Psychology and Nutrition from the University of California and her MSW from Fordham University. She learned quickly that all weight management starts from the brain. Her early work in the healthcare field was at Everett Gladman Psychiatric Hospital and Oakland General Hospital where she developed knowledge of a wide variety of healthcare issues, and how they are helped by food.

She went on to hold healthcare positions at Lovejoy Hospital in Portland Oregon, Affiliated Homecare in Scarsdale, NY and, before starting her private practice, was Director of Health and Personnel Counseling for Norell Inc. in Atlanta GA.

In 1982, she started her private practice in Ridgefield CT. Since then, she has counseled over 10,000 clients and achieved a high level of experience and success in helping her clients to use their own mental capacity to live a healthier, happier life.